Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Preparing your gedcom to upload to Gedmatch and your DNA testing sites

This is a really bare bones post that I am putting up for the DNA sig to reference tonight. I will add more as the need arises.

You really need your family tree attached to your test kit wherever you post it. A gedcom is a pretty universally accepted format to accomplish this.

I have successfully created gedcom files by exporting my direct line data from my Legacy program. I believe you can also do this from Ancestry (I don't know the process there.)

Once you have created the gedcom, you need a way to view to be sure you are not publishing a lot of information that you don't really want to give public access to. I like to restrict mine down to names, date and location of birth, date and location of death. I also like to restrict the details of my immediate family and my parents generation.

Once my gedcom is created, I scan it for problems using a free program called GenviewerLite.

Here are some screenshots of the program.

Family view:

Here is the individual view:
The view allows me to see if I have removed enough detail from the immediate family members that I am comfortable displaying them online.

GenviewerLite and the full featured Genviewer are available from mudcreeksoftware.com

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